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Lost & Found Rolling Stones Photos

Flea markets have always been my favorite places to go on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone knows you have to get there early in the morning, though, to really score the good stuff. What… Continue reading

The Perks of Being a Wallflower in 2012

As 2012 winds into fall and the Presidential races grow increasingly nerve wracking, only one thing is certain about 2012: we’ve fully embraced the wallflower. In a year of staggeringly ubiquitous reality television,… Continue reading

The Kardashian Effect

In November 2010, W magazine plastered Kim Kardashian’s naked body on its cover, hidden by nothing but Barbara Kruger’s subversive, strategically–placed slogans. For its October cover story on plastic surgery, LA magazine adopts… Continue reading

Second Screens, Second Life, Seconds in Real Time.

I was still working on my laptop by the time the first Presidential debate started last night. Unable to detach myself from my desk chair, I peered onto the Facebook tab open on… Continue reading

Would You Hire A Junior High Schooler?

I stumbled upon this gem of a sponge–painted resume the other day while cleaning out the closet of my childhood bedroom. Apparently, my objective as a 13–year–old was to write a column in… Continue reading

Words on The Words and Movies About Writing

I wanted to like The Words. I really did. I’m all for romanticizing the role of a writer: sleepless nights hunched feverishly over the blue glow of a Mac laptop, booze–fueled rampages that… Continue reading

Depending on the Kindness of Strangers in a Craigslist Marketplace

Last night I went to see a screening of Craigslist Joe, as presented by Social Media Week LA and produced by Zach Galifianakis, whom, I’m very disappointed to report was not in attendance. But… Continue reading

Car Chases and Mobile Crime In & Out of Hollywood

Have you ever watched the driver of an SUV throw stacks of Benjamins out the window and onto the streets like a parade mascot dropping colored beads from a float? The SUV belonged… Continue reading

Echoes West: Incense and Peppermints Psych Out Echo Park

The inaugural Echoes West psychedelic music fest tripped through LA’s Echo and Echoplex on Saturday for a groovy marathon of garage rock riffs and digitally–projected images from old Westerns and B-movies. The bands… Continue reading

Museum Directors Converge for Art Speak & Civic Engagement in the City of Car Culture

Last night in downtown LA’s Grand Park—a new plaza wedged between the Hall of Administration and the City Court that officially broke ground in July—several museum directors convened for a conversation about art,… Continue reading

Why Music Festivals Give Me the Curse of the Blitz

For me, attending Lollapalooza is like being perpetually stuck with the Curse of the Blitz. For those unfamiliar, the Blitz is an only–somewhat–fictional reference to an episode of How I Met Your Mother,… Continue reading

Lollapalooza: Chili Peppers ‘Give It Away,’ But Not Until the Encore

When I was a junior in high school, I presented a book report on Anthony Kiedis’ recent autobiography, Scar Tissue. I began my talk with my back to the audience, pretending to snort… Continue reading

Afterpalooza: How to Enjoy the Best Shows & Swag Without Dishing Out Cash for Lolla

While thousands of festival–goers—300,000, to be exact—have shelled out a couple hundred bucks to attend the massive music, dance and sweat–bonanza known as Lollapalooza, now in its 21st year, I’ve adopted the cheaper… Continue reading

Limited Time Only: Chicago Design Museum Offered Fresh Produced Exhibitions

Saturday marked the last day to visit the month–long Chicago Design Museum, a temporary pop–up housed within a 6,000–square foot warehouse space in Humboldt Park. With weekend visiting hours throughout the month of… Continue reading

I Can’t Work at My Desk Tonight

I Can't Work at My Desk Tonight

But This Table & Armchair Is Doing Just Fine

NATO March on Michigan Avenue: Dispatches from Grant Park to Chinatown

In the days leading up to this weekend’s NATO Summit at Chicago’s McCormick Place, the hype about protests, terrorist plots, and police raids seemed to grow even more massive with every tweet, Instagram… Continue reading

Weekend Whereabouts: Mutiny at the Pirates Show

Some of my favorite places in Chicago are the ones that look like a certain place but act like another when you’re not around. The kind of places that have such a bizarre… Continue reading

Cashing in on a Piece of the Occu-pie

It started with Liberatos, the New York–based pizza parlor that began delivering its $15 “OccuPie” to occupiers in nearby Zuccotti Park in October. Then came Big Mario’s, the Seattle pizza company that donated… Continue reading

An Accidental Snapshot of the Items Found on My Desk on Sunday Afternoon

Best Costumes for Bicyclists — Critical Mass Halloween Style

The stage was set for Halloween last night at Daley Plaza: fountains dyed orange, tents selling masks and accessories, vendors hocking hot dogs and hot coffees, and a portable movie screen and bleachers… Continue reading