Lost & Found Rolling Stones Photos

Flea markets have always been my favorite places to go on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone knows you have to get there early in the morning, though, to really score the good stuff. What kind of good stuff, you ask? Old photos, musical instruments, antique furniture, cheap records—the things hoarders like myself have wet dreams about. And sometimes, if you’re real lucky, you’ll go home with a whole collection of original, unpublished photos of the Rolling Stones after one of the vendors calls you over and says you look like you enjoy rock n’ roll music. Such was the case when musician Lauren White visited “a flea market in Saugus, California,” as reported by Cool Hunting.

Surely this was the same Saugus, California flea market I worked at as a security guard during my senior year of high school, when I arrived at 6am every Sunday to stand in the sun, stamp hands, and intimidate those who tried to talk their way out of paying the $5 admission fee. (I hear I was quite the ferocious security guard back in my hey day.) On my breaks, I would scour the aisles of tables and boxes for hidden treasure: mostly cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and kitschy accessories for my Volvo 940. But oh, how I desperately wished I would stumble upon the kind of rare treasure that was handed over to White. Most days, my biggest pleasures came from eating soft pretzels and watching middle–aged country cover bands perform on stage during my lunch break, or talking auto shop with one of the vendors who sold 20 different kinds of tube socks.

The unpublished Rolling Stones photos are on view and for sale at Dilettante Gallery in LA until the end of the month. I wonder if The Stones remember having these photos taken. It’s got to be strange to suddenly have the whole world see a set of intimate photos snapped of you and your friends nearly 50 years ago. The photographer is still a mystery.

Moves Like Jagger:  Clearwater, FL. Photo via foundrollingstones.com

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